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ecommerce business startup plans

eCommerce Business startup plans

In this article, I will give you some of the eCommerce business startup plans which will help you drastically increase your sales, traffic and long term customers. You should be taking notes or at least you should try to remember the main things because starting an eCommerce business isn’t easy at all. We already know that starting an eCommerce business can be one of the most profitable business models you can follow in order to make a lot of money but there are some things you should definitely keep in mind when you start eCommerce.

Ecommerce Business Plan – How to Start Your Online Business off Right


Probably one of the most important things you need to know before starting an e-commerce business is the initial investment you need to put it. There is not an exact number on how much you need to get started but I would say that the minimum amount of money you need is around $500. Although the idea starting point should be around $1000. Of course, if you have more money that’s great but you also want to be comfortable losing the amount of money you are investing because you never know what is going to happen.

Marketing police

Another crucial aspect of eCommerce is marketing there are a few different ways to drive traffic to your Shopify store and I think one of the best ones is taking advantage of paid Instagram page or influencer in your niche for a sponsored post featuring your Shopify store. Of course, you want the page to have a significant amount of organic followers in order to produce better results for your business. Optimizing your SEO also can be a great traffic source because if you know what you’re doing you don’t have to pay anyone to do that for you.

Focus on product photo

For eCommerce, photo is the best way to present your product by photo. and you know very well people just take the final decision to buy a product by watching photo. When you visit big eCommerce website like Alibaba, Amazon you see they always use transparent or white background product image, also they use 3+ image for every image for clear dimension. So when you set an image you definitely use high-quality image. Now the question is where you found this type of image when you don’t know photoshop or don’t have a camera to take high-quality image. There is a lot of Clipping path company who take full responsibility for your photo, they do clipping path, photo retouching, reflection shadow, eCommerce image optimization every single image with standard price as well.


In order to be successful with eCommerce, it would be a great idea to run a newsletter. Basically, a newsletter allows you, clients, to put in their email address in order to receive special offers and news about your store. This is great because you get the opportunity to be in touch with your clients which allows you to follow up with a second offer, showing them products that they might like and giving them bonuses like discount codes or coupons which ultimately results in you getting more sales. And not to mention the fact that you’re building an email list you can monetize not only with eCommerce.



Present your product

If you really want to be successful in the eCommerce business you need to take advantage of content featuring your customers. That may mean a picture of a customer wearing a dress that you sell in your store with a short description and review with the opinion of your client about the product underneath. This is a really powerful tool to turn your potential customers into actual customers giving them a perspective pretty much from their point of view, ultimately producing more sales for your e-commerce store.

And last but definitely not least is your uniqueness. This applies to everything from your website design to the products you choose. Being unique is probably one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you when it comes to eCommerce. If you’re not like the typical person that sells through Shopify meaning that you use your imagination to create something that mainly going to add value to the people visiting your store.

There are pretty much the basics of eCommerce Business startup plans and drop shipping. If you can implement these strategies you’ll definitely have some success no matter the niche or the products you choose. Ecommerce is one of the best business you can start online from the comfort of your own home. Although, this doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy or it doesn’t mean that you are going to have success overnight. This is where most people lack the discipline to push through hard times. Starting a business is strongly related to the quote: “whatever you put in, you get out” and that with every business. You can’t expect a business to grow without putting money into it. It’s similar to raising a kid. You can’t raise a kid without taking care of it. Without feeding him, without having the money.

7 ways to make your photos Look Professional

In this smartphone era, anyone can be a photographer. But do you know that photography is a broad profession? Taking pictures can be easy, but you need a lot of knowledge to perform the task professionally. You will have to be patient, learn, and gain experience while in the field. If you are wondering about what you do in photography, here are the ways how to make photos look professional.

Get a digital camera

Although smartphones can take amazing photographs, you need a DSLR camera. You will enjoy benefits such as focus, manual setting, among others. Unlike phones that are all round automatic. Don’t necessarily go for an expensive camera but a cheap and convenient one can do the job. A 500 dollars Nikon or canon camera will get you ready to go. It’s recommended you look for changeable lens camera to enjoy diversity when needed such as using different expensive lenses with the same camera.

Use Photoshop 

This is most popular way to make your photo more attractive and make it professional. But for professional work you need to learn advanced mode on Photoshop tools. now a days on YouTube you found lot of video tutorial for how to make your photo professional. like if you want to adjust brightness you need to know basic idea of photo retouching or you want to change your background then you need to learn clipping path.clipping path company

But the good news is a lot of clipping path company available online. you can make your image more professional with standard price and quick time also. you don’t want to work Photoshop then just contact them.

Go for camera accessories

Most digital cameras come with the body a standard 18-55 mm lens. Thus the need for the necessary accessories. First, add one or two lenses. And affordable prime or zoom lens will highly help you take amazing photographers depending on what you need to achieve. Some factors, such as landscape, subjects will require you to use different lenses. Using a single lens may limit you from accomplishing your visual vision. But the need to spend a little more will enable you to achieve different shot sizes, angles among others that will make your photos professional. Have in mind about lens benefits like blurry backgrounds, thus the need to be updated on what makes clients satisfied.

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Although many people may not find this aspect necessary, you need appropriate lighting on your photographs. Have a speed light as your priority due to its portability and efficiency. But with time, you will have to spend more on professional lighting. A tree-point lighting technique will make your pictures visually appealing due to the even light distribution on them. You will also achieve subject emphasis as the light show great details on what is focused. Take your outdoor photographers during the morning or evening to avoid hard shadows on subjects. You will also enjoy epic photographer’s techniques like a silhouette or even key light distribution.

Use manual camera setting.

For professional photography, you will need to set the camera manually. Set the right ISO, shutter speed, and aperture to determine the amount of light on your image. You will have to apply the correct number to avoid underexposure or image grains. Other settings like white balance, among others, will aid you to achieve the mood and other visual aspects. Amateur photographers will usually go for automatic setting, but for professionalism, you will have to decide on what fits the occasion. Make manual settings your cup of tea to have an incredible result.

Composition and framing

As much as you press to capture a picture, have the visual spectacle in mind. For instance, the rule of thirds is one of the primary types of composition. However, you need to know when and where to apply it. Various composition techniques, like the rule of halves, will play a pivotal in the urge to make your photos professional. Also, take time to understand availed farmings. Creativity will make your pictures communication. Use single frame, multi-frame, among other framing types to showcase your skill.

Edit your photographs

Your raw images may look okay but not to the professional standard. Add more taste to your pictures on an editing software like Photoshop, light groom, among others. Once you upload your images, play with aspects like exposure, color among others to fix flaws, and make them more appealing. Although anyone can edit pictures on a smartphone, the result cannot achieve that of a software.  Editing on a professional software will enable you to fix complicated image issues like acne, perspective, and even the background! However, do not overdo the editing as you may lose the originality of your picture.

In professional photography, you will need the right gear and tips for a visual spectacle. You will also learn through everyday experience since art is ever evolving. Are you ready for the field? Get the right gear, go out, and apply the tips of make your photo look professional. Remember to look for more knowledge that will help you become one of or even the best professional photographer ever.

Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners | Your first Weeding

Wedding photography tips for beginners is an excellent way to dramatically improve the technique of the camera. For good photos on every occasion, important family events, like weddings, are not all difficult. In the case of many modern cameras, almost all the test and activation points are incredibly large, following some simple and basic tips.

Wedding photography tips for beginners to improve your photography

1) If you have a new camera with manual bases. If you have attended a wedding with a handheld camera and know how to turn it on, there is little hope of getting a decent photo.

2) Snapshots can include your lighting. Early in the morning, given the low sun, light lunch and slight attenuation in the afternoon. Cloudy/discolored also provides dim light, so you need a flash.

3) Consider the background. Take a tree, a lamppost or something strange that comes out of the top of your head? Check before shooting.

4) Large groups, such as family gatherings, weddings, are often difficult to navigate, even for professionals and speakers, look away, yawn, deviate, repair and more. Do not spend all day waiting for the perfect shot and probably not.

5) Try to record “not ready” moments since these are the images that will make the occasion memorable. People do the most stupid and interesting things when you realize that we are facing the camera.

6) With your subject, looking at the sun can cause strabismus. A sunbath will probably make your subjects silhouettes in the light and show only a black silhouette. Test the lights before shooting.

7) You know the limits of your camera. If you do not lose any cameras with high zoom, horizon views or far functions will not work. Instead of focusing on the closest subjects, keep in mind that you are not too close or that your images may look blurry.

Many of us attend weddings from time to time and this is an opportunity to take memorable moments for the family album. People often complain that they cannot have good photos. But modern machines even have basic models that can be very demanding and many of the errors lead to the elimination of the poor quality used. If you follow these simple tips, you can dramatically improve your photos, not just at weddings or other parties, trips, vacations or whatever. These are the best tips that not only help you become a professional, but also a true professional in the field of your choice.

Important to consider certain factors which can make your wedding photography be all the more fabulous.

Hire an expert agency  Yes, instead of a single photographer, you need the services of a photography company to achieve unparalleled excellence in your work. When you assign an agency to this task, it will be done in the most professional and fluid way, which will turn it into an absolutely pleasant experience for all. When you hire the services of a professional company, you are sure to get a good photographer with a team of assistants, who make sure you have the most extraordinary services, which will give the photos a really impressive look, also there are some photo editing company who provide photo retouching service or weeding photo editing service you also benefited from those service. And simply wonderful. The safest thing is that a team can produce the excellence it is looking for and, when an expert in photography that works with a company’s brand, will obtain images that will have an appeal “bigger than life”.

Talk and discuss before filming

The photo session before your wedding requires many contributions and creativity. In this context, what matters most is how much you want the photos to be beautiful and to be expressed with love and devotion, which you share with your partner. And as a couple. If you want to create an aesthetic appeal, you need to analyze the need and express it to your photographer. In the same way, you should also be open to any suggestion from them, as this would definitely express the emotions contained in the images, which would make them even more beautiful and fabulous. Keep in mind that the flow of information from one place to another will ensure that you get the best images, which will reduce the attractiveness of snapshots.

Be open to new things  

Try new things with your partner will look amazing and when you are ready to capture the feelings of love with your partner, then it is a great idea and is an excellent way to create the most amazing images more beautiful and dazzling.

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